Unique Mace

216-223 DPS

Item Level 23
Damage 148-153
Armor Penetration +35%
Strength +7
Chain Lightning 10% chance to inflict Chain Lightning damage for 50% weapon damage
Upgrade Slot Empty_Rune-Icon.png Empty Haft
Empty_Rune-Icon.png Empty Rune
Requirements Level 16
Restrictions Warrior only

Thunderstrike is a One-Handed Weapon in Dragon Age: Inquisition.


About Thunderstrike

Thunderstrike is a unique Mace which provides the following bonuses:

  • 148-153 Damage
  • +35% Armor Penetration
  • +7 Strength
  • 10% chance to inflict Chain Lightning damage for 50% of weapon damage.



Thunderstrike Location




  • Inscribed on the hilt: "For thy heart, which has wronged me." This weapon of vengeance is strongest against an enemy beyond its wielder's power---according to the Alamarri legends that gave it to the Avvar chieftain, Morrighan'nan.
  • ??


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