Aegis of the Rift

Type Inquisitor Abilities
Effect Type Activated
Activation 1 bar of focus min.
Description You turn the Veil itself into a magical shield that deflects enemy projectiles.

Aegis of the Rift is an Inquisitor Ability in Dragon Age: Inquisition

How to Obtain


Aegis of the Rift Information

  • Completely deflects ranged and magical attacks coming from outside the Aegis
  • Can be upgraded.


Aegis of the Rift Upgrades

  • Retributive Strike - Aegis of the Rift now sends bolts of spirit energy flying back at the attackers.
    (Damage: 5 per character level)
  • Swift Aegis - Your expertise at manipulating the Veil lets you summon Aegis of the Rift more easily.
    (Cooldown Time: 60 Seconds)



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