Heart of Rage

134 DPS

Unique Staff

Item Level 25
 83 Fire Damage
Bonus-Icon_Grey.png +41% Attack
Bonus-Icon_Grey.png +14% Critical Chance
Bonus-Icon_Grey.png Permaflame: All nearby enemies are constantly burning; grants 50% bonus resistance to fire and 50% bonus fire damage

Empty_Rune-Icon.png Empty Rune

This staff is warm to the touch and fills the ears of whoever carries it with the sound of a furiously beating heart. Anyone nearby has the sense that someone else is there -- just out of sight or hidden somehow. Fade energy warps around it, giving the impression that nothing nearby is quite real.

Restriction: Mage only
Requirement: Level 25

Heart of Rage is a Staff in Dragon Age: Inquisition.


Heart of Rage Location



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