Heart of Pride

134 DPS

Unique Staff

Item Level 25
83 Electricity Damage
Bonus-Icon_Grey.png +12% Barrier Damage Bonus
Bonus-Icon_Grey.png +48 Willpower
Bonus-Icon_Grey.png Permashock: All nearby enemies are constantly shocked; grants 50% bonus resistance to electricity and 50% attack speed.

Empty_Rune-Icon.png Empty Rune

Being near this staff gives one the sense of being vastly better than everyone and everything around. When holding it, the bearer hears faint laughter, and Fade energy clings to it as desperately as a drowning sailor to drifting wreckage.

Restriction: Mage only
Requirement: Level 25

Heart of Pride is a Staff in Dragon Age: Inquisition.


Heart of Pride Location



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