Staff of Stasis


Unique Staff

53 DPS

Item Level 9
Cold Damage 33
Attack +5%
Barrier Damage Bonus +4%
Revive 5% chance on death to heal for half health
Upgrade Slot

Empty_Upgrade-Icon.png Empty Grip
Empty_Upgrade-Icon.png Empty Staff Blade
Empty_Rune-Icon.png Empty Rune

Requirements Level 6
Restrictions Mage only

Staff of Stasis is a Staff in Dragon Age: Inquisition.


About Staff of Stasis

Staff of Stasis is a unique Staff which provides the following bonuses:

  • 33 Cold Damage
  • +5% Attack
  • +4% Barrier Damage Bonus
  • On Dying: 5% Chance to heal for half health


Staff of Stasis Location

  • During the quest Hushed Whispers, the Staff of Stasis can be looted from Gereon Alexius.




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