Masterwork Skull Grip Schematic

Type One-Handed Weapon Upgrade Schematics
Tier 3

Masterwork Skull Grip Schematic is a Schematic in Dragon Age: Inquisition (DAI). Schematics are special plans that allow you to craft items in game. Once you reach Skyhold, you will have the opportunity to complete the Arcanist mission at the War Table which will unlock masterwork slot on armor and weapon schematics.


Masterwork Skull Grip Schematic Information

In order to craft this schematics you will need the materials noted below.

Type: Longsword Grip

Materials: Offense: 9 Metal Utility: 3 Metal


Masterwork Skull Grip Schematic Location

Random drop from tier 3 chests


 Masterwork Skull Grip Schematic Effects

 The tables below show the possible outputs bonuses possible (based on the slot, material and quantity) for THIS weapon upgrade.


Offense Slot 1

(Possible outputs based on materials/slot type needed)

Prefix Bonus Metal
Stunning +9% Chance to stagger target on hit Blue Vitriol, Onyx
+13.5% Chance to stagger target on hit Lazurite, Obsidian
+15.75% Chance to stagger target on hit Silverite, Nevarrite
None +18% Armor Penetration Drakestone
+22.5% Armor Penetration Bloodstone
+27% Armor Penetration Dawnstone
Brutal +9% Attack Iron, Serpentstone
+13.5% Attack Paragon's Luster, Serault Infused Glass, Veridium
+15.75% Attack Stormheart, Everite
Crushing +18% Guard Damage Bonus Summer Stone
+22.5% Guard Damage Bonus Pyrophite
+27% Guard Damage Bonus Volcanic Aurum
Bleeding 18% Chance to bleed target on hit Dragon Bone


Offense Slot 2



Utility Slot:

(Possible outputs based on materials/slot type needed) 

Prefix Bonus Metal
Strong +3 Strength Blue VitriolIronOnyxSerpentstone
+4.5 Strength Paragon's LusterSerault Infused GlassVeridium
+5.25 Strength EveriteStormheart
Enduring +3 Constitution DrakestoneSummer Stone
+4.5 Constitution BloodstonePyrophite
+5.25 Constitution DawnstoneVolcanic Aurum
Strong Enduring +3 Strength/+1.5 Constitution LazuriteObsidian
+3 Strength/ +2.25 Constitution NevarriteSilverite
+3 Strength/ +3 Constitution Dragon Bone



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