Ornate One-Handed Haft Schematic

Type One-Handed Weapon Upgrade Schematics
Tier 3

Ornate One-Handed Haft Schematic is a Schematic in Dragon Age: Inquisition (DAI). Schematics are special plans that allow you to craft items in game. Once you reach Skyhold, you will have the opportunity to complete the Arcanist mission at the War Table which will unlock masterwork slot on armor and weapon schematics.


Ornate One-Handed Haft Schematic Information

In order to craft this schematics you will need the materials noted below.

Type: One-Handed Haft

Materials: Offense: 7 Leather Utility: 3 Leather


Ornate One-Handed Haft Schematic Location

Random drop from tier 3 chests


 Ornate One-Handed Haft Schematic Effects

 The tables below show the possible outputs bonuses possible (based on the slot, material and quantity) for THIS weapon upgrade.


Offense Slot 1

(Possible outputs based on materials/slot type needed)

Prefix Bonus Leather
Deadly +14% Critical Damage Bronto Hide, Nugskin
+17.5% Critical Damage Quillback Leather, Rough Hide
+21% Critical Damage Craggy Skin, Lurker Scales
Flanking +14% Flanking Damage Bonus Canine Leather, Ram Leather
+17.5% Flanking Damage Bonus Halla Leather, August Ram Leather
+21% Flanking Damage Bonus Red Hart Leather, Snoufleur Skin
Bleeding 7% Chance to bleed target on hit Deepstalker Hide, Dragonling Scales
10.5% Chance to bleed target on hit Gurgut Webbing, Phoenix Scales, Varghest Scales
12.25% Chance to bleed target on hit Hardened Gurn Hide, Wyvern Scales
Precise +7% Critical Chance Druffalo Hide, Fennec Fur
+10.5% Critical Chance Bear Hide
+12.25% Critical Chance Great Bear Hide
None +24.5% Armor Penetration Dragon Scales


Offense Slot 2



Utility Slot:

(Possible outputs based on materials/slot type needed) 

Prefix Bonus Leather
Shrewd +3 Cunning Bronto HideNugskin
+4.5 Cunning Quillback LeatherRough Hide
+5.25 Cunning Lurker Scales
Agile +3 Dexterity Canine LeatherDragonling ScalesDruffalo HideFennec FurRam Leather
+4.5 Dexterity August Ram LeatherBear HideHalla Leather,
+5.25 Dexterity Great Bear HideRed Hart LeatherSnoufleur Skin
Agile Shrewd +3 Dexterity/+1.5 Cunning Gurgut WebbingPhoenix ScalesVarghest Scales
+3 Dexterity/+2.25 Cunning Hardened Gurn HideWyvern Scales
+3 Dexterity/+3 Cunning Dragon Scales



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