Northern Hunter is one of the 10 High Dragons in Dragon Age 3: Inquisition
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. You will acquire the Wyrmslayer Trophy/Achievement if you kill one of them.
  • Recommended Level: 13+

  • Creature Type: High Dragon
  • Location: Crestwood
  • Resistance: Electricity
  • Vulnerablity: Spirit
  • Abilities:
    • Berserker: A devastating 40-meter area-of-effect attack utilizing the dragon's elemental ability.
    • Electricity: The dragon inflicts electrical elemental damage; it can be countered by spirit.

Damaging the limbs of a dragon so that it is severely bleeding will prevent the dragon from performing swipes with that limb, making life easier for melee characters. Damaging a pair of limbs will cause the dragon to fall down to that side, opening it up for increased damage and preventing it from attacking for a duration.

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      12 Jun 2018 15:13  

      So why did the dragon appear, i left to get potions, and it is now gone..................not showing up anymore? I see a bunch of questions about this, yet unanswered

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