sera_card_regular.jpg Sera Approval rating is determined by your choices in conversation and in the game decisions in Dragon Age: Inquisition. Below is a list of all her reactions to quest and personal dialogue. Approval rating may be checked at the "Gather Party" screen by observing the cards, or by the interactions with the NPC.

Sit in Judgement

Please see the page above to see how judging prisoners affects Approval with this character.

Approval on Quest Choices

Sera Approves

  1. Recruiting Corporal Vale
  2. At Redcliffe Castle, conscript the mages.
  3. At Therinfal Redoubt, disband the Templar Order.
  4. Say you'll “fight for order not faith” when made Inquisitor.
  5. Say “because it's right” when made Inquisitor.
  6. Say “Corypheus must be stopped” when made Inquisitor.
  7. Say “lead them to vengeance” when made Inquisitor.
  8. Say “a dwarf (or Qunari) will stand for us all” when made Inquisitor.
  9. Allow the Grey Wardens to join the Inquisition after securing Adamant.
  10. Everyone lives at the Winter Palace.
  11. Gain enough court approval (85+) to have Florianne arrested at the Winter Palace.
  12. Refuse alliance with Abelas at the Temple of Mythal.
  13. Allow Morrigan to drink from the Well of Sorrows at the Temple of Mythal.
  14. Agree that events at the Temple of Mythal are nonsense.
  15. Full agreement after Sera's personal plot.
  16. Complete romance culmination.

Sera Disapproves

  1. At Redcliffe Castle, ally with the mages.
  2. At Therinfal Redoubt, ally with the templars.
  3. Say you'll be “a servant of faith” when made Inquisitor.
  4. Say “an elf will stand for us all” when made Inquisitor.
  5. Exile the Grey Wardens after securing Adamant (major loss of approval if Blackwall is exiled with Wardens).
  6. Support Briala at the Winter Palace.
  7. Allow Empress Celene to be assassinated at the Winter Palace.
  8. Accept an alliance with Abelas at the Temple of Mythal.
  9. Drink from the Well of Sorrows at the Temple of Mythal.
  10. Argue with Sera after the Temple of Mythal.
  11. Blame Sera after completing her personal plot.
  12. Break up with Sera in the romance culmination scene.


Approval on War Table Missions


Approval on Dialogue



"... I'm not into that."

  • As long as it works. (+1)
  • I still don't understand.
  • Sounds like a con
  • N/A(-2)


The Temple of Mythal

Abelas: "It is not for you. It is not for any of you."

  • [Special]
    • Solas, talk to him. (-1)
    • The elves need you! (-1)

Samson: "So, Inquisitor. How will this go?"

  • Quick and painful. (?)
  • [Destroy the armor.] (+2)

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      Also make sure Sera is in your party when visiting new places and flirt with Scout Harding. Idk why Sera's into that bc if you're romancing her she says she doesn't share but hey.. whatever floats her goat.

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