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Trespasser is a Quest in Dragon Age: Inquisition. It is part of the Trespasser DLC. Two years after the fall of Corypheus, Divine Victoria has called an Exalted Council to determine the fate of the Inquisition. Orlais and Ferelden have strong opinions, and both of their representatives would have the Inquisitor's ear.

Important NPCs



  1. Speak to Tegan Guerrin & Cyril de Montfort
  2. Follow the blood trail.
  3. Use the Eluvians to find a way to the island.
  4. Return the weighted statue to the bridge.
  5. Make Contact with the Qunari
  6. Search for more info about the hostile Qunari.
  7. Update Leliana at the Palace.
  8. Investigate the Qunari Plot
  9. Pursue the Qunari through the Eluvian.
  10. Find Gaatlok Primers.
  11. Clear a way past the rubble.
  12. Sabotage the Qunari Mining Operation
  13. Find a way out of the Deep Roads.
  14. Look for the Viddasala through an eluvian near a bookshelf.
  15. Find the Viddasala on the Inverted Island.
  16. Reconstruct the walkwayss to the Inverted Island.
  17. Discover where the Viddasala went.
  18. Return to the Winter Palace to warn the others.
  19. Use the keystone to activate the Eluvian leading to the Darvaarad.
  20. Find a a way to stop Dragon's Breath.
  21. Kill (or Free) the dragon.
  22. Get to Solas before the Viddasala.



  • None for completing the quest.



  • This quest is begun by completing the War Table mission: Attend the Exalted Council at a cost of 8 power. 
  • NOTE: Doing so will begin the ending of the game. You will not be able to travel to any other area or do any other main/side quest or even other DLC quests after this. The Trespasser quest is the LAST QUEST that you should ever do before starting a new game altogether.
  • Click here for the VIDEO WALKTHROUGH
  • You will start the quest at the Winter Palace, being informed of the current political state with Ferelden seeking or it to be dismantled and Orlais trying to take control of it.
  • You will want to speak to Tegan Guerrin and Cyril de Montfort first. You can also use this time to talk to your companions.
  • When ready, go through the Palace Gates to begin the Exalted Council.
  • You will be interrupted by Leliana during the meet about a dead fully armored Qunari's body being found in the palace.
  • Then folow the blood trail towards an active Eluvian (portal). Going through it will allow you to choose your companions and head into The Crossroads. It is a hub of other Eluvians all leading to different places.
  • Follow the blood trail to the one directly ahead to see it is inactive, but another is active just to its right.
  • Head through it to reach the Elven Mountain Ruins.
  • Head down the stairs and ahead to see another Eluvian. This leads to a broken bridge with a missing statue on the pedestal in front of it. You need to fix the statue to mend the bridge.
  • To do so, head to the Eluvian on your left instead to reach a tower with a Spirit Champion and other Spirit enemies. Talk to them and then kill them. (You can pass by safely without attacking them though if you drank from the Well of Sorrows)
  • Then head to the other side of the tower and examine the painted wall to dissolve it and learn that this place was created by Fen'Harel as a refuge for elven slaves.
  • Go through and enter the Eluvian to reach another tower with more painted walls around. It will tell you the Fen'Harel is just a mortal. Go down the stairs left by doing away with the barrier. Inside will be more walls to examine. Behind it you will find an elven device that causes your anchor to react. 
  • This will give you Anchor Discharge ability. This allows you to light the room and find a wolf statue that will fit into that pedestal in front of the broken bridge. 
  • Some Spirit Shadows will also start to attack you. Kill them and then head back to that broken bridge.
  • Place the statue on the pedestal and then cross the bridge and fight the Qunari.  Then enter the Forgotten Sanctuary.
  • Here you will see elven spirits fighting Qunari. Then you will see a mural depicting a Dread Wolf removing a number of elves' vallaslin.
  • Now you need to solve a veilfire puzzle to continue. The clue is "The Dread Wolf keeps its gaze on the one light that illuminates the way forward".
  • Light the veilfire and use it to examine the wall the wolf statue is facing. You will find a button on it that reveals a hidden staircase.
  • Head down to the Hidden armory where you fight more Qunari. Kill them to find some loot and Orders that reveal that they are looking to infiltrate Halamshiral. In the same room you will find a note regarding the agen of Fen'Harel.
  • Now you must head back to the Winter Palace to warn the others. After doing that, head back to The Crossroads to continue investigating. The new Eluvian that leads to The Crossroads is found n the room under the top-right stairs, which was previously blocked)
  • At The Crossroads, you will find a new way leading you to the Deep Roads.
  • Here you will have to fight Qunari Spearmen, Ben-Hassrath Agent and a Qunari Shock Trooper. Continue ahead to learn of a bad cave-in from the body of a dead Qunari. 
  • Head down the stairs until you are attack by some deepstalkers. In that room you can find the Codex Entry: Tom Notebook in the Deep Roads, Section 1 on a sleeping bag by the staircase.
  • Continue further to meet Jerran. He will tell you that the Qunari are lead by Viddasala. He informs you that she is here with her troops mining for Iyrium to strengthen the Saarebas as part of a plan called "Dragon's Breath". He also tells you that you can stop them by finding Gaatlok Primers which will allow you to sabotage the mining operation by exploding it.
  • Continue to the Lower Walways, past the deepstalkers and the Qunari. You will see barrels of Gaatlok which you can explode using fire,electricity or by hitting them to make your fight easier.
  • Cross the Great Bridge of Stone cand continue to Central Supply, where some more Qunari are waiting for you. Then pick up the primers and follow the waypoints on your map to place them at the sites to explode them.
  • After doing it, the cave will start to flood so you must hurry your way out, back to the Winter Palace.
  • Inform Leliana and then go investigate the Guard's scuffle with an Orlesian servant.You can detain either the Guard or the Servant (no noticiable difference). You will obtain a note from the guard which Leliana can translate for you.
  • It will tell you that Viddasala can be found through a mirror near a bookcase. Return to The Crossroads to continue.
  • Follow the new path to reach the Shattered Library.
  • The Shattered Library conntains a lot of Codex Entries lying around on the tables. Continue ahead to speak with one Archivist who tells you of the history of the area and also that the Qunari came here to learn more about the Veil. You also learn of an unknown force disturbing the librarians.
  • Behind the Archivist, you can notice some Qunari on an Inverted Island. Activate the red switch to raise a portion of the stairs that leads to the island. Continue further to find an Eluvian that leads to the Courtyard.
  • Here you can see 2 more Eluvians, at the end of 2 flights of stairs (one longer, the other shorter).
  • The shorter one will take you to the Broken Tower.
    • Here go up the stairs to speak to another Archivist. Head through the Eluvian to reach Scholar's Retreat and head upstairs to find an elven fresco. You can go down the stairs on the opposite end to find another red device which you can activate to unlock more stairs to the Inverted Island. Then head back to the Courtyard.
  • The longer one takes you to the Sundered Hall. 
    • Here you need to head left at the entrance to find a Fade-Touched Honeycomb on a skeleton surrounded by bees. Near it will be stairs that lead you to a frightened Qunari and another Archivist.
    • Talk to it and go through the Eluvian behind to get to the Lower Archives. 

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