Unique Greatsword

175-183 DPS

Item Level 11
AoE Damage 135-142
Bonus Damage +20 AoE Damage vs Corrupted
Attack +5%
Strength +6
Sunder +3% on hit
Upgrade Slot

Empty_Rune-Icon.png Empty Grip
Empty_Rune-Icon.png Empty Pommel
Full_Rune-Icon.png Cleansing Rune

Requirements Level 8
Restrictions Warrior only

Verdict is a Two-Handed Weapon in Dragon Age: Inquisition.


About Verdict

Verdict is a unique Greatsword which provides the following bonuses:

  • 137 AoE Damage
  • +20 Damage vs. Corrupted
  • +5% Attack
  • +3% Bleed on hit
  • +9 Strength



Verdict Location

  • Found in a hidden cache in Forbidden Oasis. To get to the cache, head southeast from the first inquisition encampment. You need to jump on the boards 4 times to break through to the chest.




  • ??











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