Rogue Ability

Restrictions None 
Requirement Rogue Class

Archery in Dragon Age: Inquisition is an Ability Tree of the Rogue class.

Experts in this style are masters of ranged combat. They can avoid enemies that attempt to close, put arrows or bolts through multiple foes, and even unleash explosive shots to devastating effect.


The Archery-trained Rogue is an expert at dealing devastating damage from afar. Masters of evasion and sneaking, the Archer dances along the fringes of combat, supporting their teammates with well-placed shots which might pierce multiple enemies, or even firing explosives to obliterate those in their team's path.



Archery Ability Tree


Archery Abilities

Active Abilities


Long Shot

You fire a powerful single shot that delivers more damage the farther you are from the target.

  • Requires: Bow
  • Damage: 200% Weapon Damage
  • Damage Bonus: 600% at 15 Meters
  • Cooldown: 8 Seconds
  • Cost: 50 Stamina
  • Precision Detonator Ability: Use on incapacitated foes for a combo


Archer's Lance

Long Shot now rips through every enemy along its path, doing bonus damage for each extra target it hits.

  • Modifies Long Shot, allowing it to penetrate targets and deal bonus damage

Eagle Eye

You fire a powerful shot that explodes on impact, damaging enemies around your target.


Explosive Shot

You fire a powerful shot that explodes on impact, damaging enemies around your target.

  • Requires: Bow
  • Number of Hits: 2
  • Damage: 50% Weapon Damage
  • Impact Radius: 4 Meters
  • Cooldown: 12 Seconds
  • Cost: 35 Stamina


Chain Reaction

Shrapnel from Explosive Shot fills the air and sets off deadly reactions that do more damage the more enemies that are nearby.

  • Damage Bonus Per Target: 25
  • Maximum Damage Bonus: 50%
  • Modifies Explosive Shot, increasing the damage dealt for each target hit


Explosive Shot now knocks back your main target several meters upon detonation.

  • Damage Reduction: 40%
  • Duration: 10 Seconds
  • Requires: Trespasser DLC



Full Draw

It takes a moment to line up the perfect shot, but it pays off with a devastating hit that bites even deeper against enemies that aren't injured yet.

  • Requires: Bow
  • Damage: 800% Weapon Damage
  • Damage Bonus: 800% at full health
  • Cooldown: 24 Seconds
  • Cost: 65 Stamina


Stunning Shot

Enemies hit by Full Draw are knocked briefly unconscious by the power of your shot.

  • Modifies Full Draw, allowing it to put targets to sleep

Pinning Shot

Enemies hit by Full Draw are immobilized.

  • Immobilize Duration: 5 seconds
  • Requires: Trespasser DLC


Leaping Shot

You dive out of trouble and fire a hail of arrows at the enemies that were trying to close with you.

  • Requires: Bow
  • Projectiles: 12
  • Damage Per Hit: 50% Weapon Damage
  • Cooldown: 12 Seconds
  • Cost: 35 Stamina


Rolling Draw

If Leaping Shot hits, you can use the momentum of your leap to do a stronger draw as you come back to your feet. Your next attack, whenever you make it, will knock down its target.

  • Damage Bonus: 200%
  • Modifies Leaping Shot, increasing the damage of your next attack, which will also knock down the target

Shot From the Shadows

After striking a target with Leaping Shot, you retreat safely into the shadows, disappearing into stealth.


Passive Abilities


First Blood

You've learned to pick apart enemies that are still unwounded and unhurt. You do more damage to enemies that are only slightly injured.

  • Damage Bonus: 15%
  • Health Threshold: 80%
  • Dexterity on Unlock: +3



If the first arrow doesn't kill them, the tenth might. Each consecutive hit with a bow attack does progressively more damage to the target.

  • Damage Bonus: 5%
  • Bonus Duration: 10 Seconds
  • Dexterity on Unlock: +3


Strafing Shots

You can move faster while firing without sacrificing accuracy.

  • Speed Bonus +50%
  • Dexterity on Unlock: +3


Death From Above

You do more damage when firing from elevation.

  • Maximum Damage Bonus: 25%
  • Maximum Height: 2 Meters
  • Cunning on Unlock: +3



Notes and Trivia

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