Val Royeaux

Materials Velveteen, Silk, Cotton.
Collections 1 Song
Companions Sera and Vivienne.
Agents Barter by Belle
Merchants Barnabus, Pierre-Marie, Willvan, Crafting Shop, Schematics Shop, Saphi, Deraboam
NPCs ??

Val Royeaux in Dragon Age: Inquisition is the Orlais Capital that houses the remains of the Chantry. The Inquisitor will first visit to dialogue with the Chantry and have recruiting opportunities for companions and agents here. The city is particularly attractive due to the many shops available, that provide crafting, schematics and codex entries as well as gear.


Val Royeaux Quests


Val Royeaux Walkthrough

Example Walkthrough text: Enter haven through point x on the map, then pick up quest A from Y npc and complete it. You can find ?? ?? and ?? in a pot/chest/lootbag nearby.


Val Royeaux Maps

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