weapon_and_shield.pngWeapon and Shield in Dragon Age: Inquisition is Ability Tree of the Warrior class.

Experts in this style are still on their feet after punishment that would kill their allies. They use their shield to protect themselves and stagger their enemies.

Weapon and Shield Abilities


Weapon and Shield Active Abilities

Shield_Wall.png Shield Wall

You stand firm and block incoming attacks at the cost of Stamina. Each block adds to your guard. You move much more slowly while sustaining this ability.

  • Requires a Shield
  • Guard provided protection from incoming attacks by granting additional health. Guard must be broken before a target will take damage.
When you use Shield Wall, your movement is not slowed as much. You also protect nearby allies by giving them improved armor.

  • Range: 4 Meters
  • Armor Bonus: 30%


Blocking with Shield Wall costs less stamina and generates more guard, but you cannot move while blocking.

Payback_Strike.png Payback Strike

You recover from any disabled condition and lash out with a great blow against nearby enemies. If you've recently taken damage, you hit that much harder and stagger your foes.

  • Requires a Shield
  • Damage: 200% Weapon Damage
  • Recently Damaged Threshold: 5 Seconds
  • Damage Bonus: 200%
  • Cooldown Time: 8 Seconds
  • Cost: 35 Stamina
You do more damage with Payback Strike, and if you've recently taken damage, you also stun taunted enemies.

  • Damage Bonus 200%
  • Stun Duration: 2 Seconds


Payback Strike now taunts enemies.

Shield_Bash.png Shield Bash

Many foes think a shield is just for defense. You correct that mistake with a brutal slam that does bonus damage to an enemy's guard.

  • Damage: 300% Weapon Damage
  • Bonus Damage vs. Guard: 800%
  • Cooldown Time: 8 seconds
  • Cost: 35 Stamina
  • Range: 4 Meters
  • Armor Bonus: 30%
You now lunge forward with Shield Bash, and you do even greater damage to an enemy's guard.

  • Bonus Damage vs. Guard: 400%


An enemy struck by Shield Bash now does no damage with its next attack.

Lunge_and_Slash.png Lunge and Slash

You lunge forward, then spin with a slashing strike if your first blow connects. You can use this attack to close with opponents.

  • Requires a Shield
  • Damage: 175% Weapon Damage
  • Cooldown Time: 8 Seconds
  • Cost: 35 Stamina
  • Impact Detonator Ability: Use on incapacitated foes for a combo.
The farther you lunge before striking your target, the more damage you do to them.

  • Damage Bonus: 75% at 5 meters
  • Damage Bonus: 250% at 10 meters


If Lunge and Slash strikes an enemy that was not attacking you, the ability refunds the cost and cooldown.


Weapon and Shield Passive Abilities

Bear_Mauls_the_Wolves.png Bear Mauls the Wolves

Using techniques perfected by Orlesian chevaliers, you can't be flanked by enemies, and you're less likely to be staggered when hit from the front.

  • Constitution on Unlock: +3

Warriors_Resolve.png Warrior's Resolve

You fight all the harder when you're hurting, gaining Stamina when you lose health.

  • Stamina Restored: 10% for every 10% Health lost
  • Constitution on Unlock: +3

Note: Stamina conversion applies to both barrier and active guard lost in addition to normal health lost.

Turn_The_Bolt.png Turn the Bolt

Your expertise with the shield protects you from ranged attacks from the front.

  • Damage Reduction: 50%
  • Constitution on Unlock: +3

Turn_the_Blade.png Turn the Blade

Any blow you can see, you can turn aside. All damage coming from the front is reduced.

  • Damage Resistance: 20%
  • Constitution on Unlock: +3


Notes and Trivia

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