Deft Hands, Fine Tools is a Perk in Dragon Age: Inquisition. Perks are unlocked by spending "perk points" at the War Council table. forces_perks_icons_small.png

  • Description: The training, gear, and experience working with master locksmiths needed to tackle the toughest and most ingenious locking mechanisms. Allows all rogues in the party to open masterwork locks.
  • Requisites: Invest 4 points in Secrets Perks category.
  • Notes: As with any other Perk, you may recruit Agents to satisfy some/all of the prerequisite points.

Doors that require this Perk:

The Hinterlands

A house in Redcliffe Farms
(By Horsemaster Dennet's house)
Loot: random drops from a chest inside
Wheelhouse in Redcliffe Village
Loot: 128 Gold, Masterwork Ornate Bianca Grip, 1x Bottles on the Wall (Conscription Ale)
A house in Redcliffe Village
Loot: 168 Gold, Obsidian x10, Fade-Touched Obsidian, Lyrium codex.

The Fallow Mire

Next to the Lever that closes the gate to Hargrave Keep
Loot: Mosaic Piece from Freed are Slaves; Bianca Arms III, a random chest, Hargrave Keep codex.
Superb Belt of Healing, Grey Warden Tome - Shred of Blue

The Exalted Plains

Tower in Reil southwest of Fens Camp
Loot: Superb belt of Staggering(worth 2175 gold) and gold. If you leave gold in chest you can keep coming back to chest and grabbing belt to sell.
Tower in Reil (right next to the tower above) southwest of Fens Camp
Loot: Enhanced belt of Bleeding and Gold
2 near windmills?

The Western Approach

Still Ruins
Loot: Mosaic Piece: Freed Are Slaves, Codex: Responsible Blood Magic, Chest (Enhanced Belt of magic Defense),
Chest (Infused Vyrantium Samite x10, Phoenix Scales x10, Everite x10, Heartwood x3), Chest (Intense Felandaris Vitaar, 170g)
Still Ruins
Loot: Chest x2, Amulet of Power (Dorian), Tevinter Banner, Spirit Rune
Loot: ??

Emprise du Lion

Drakon's Rise
Loot: Chest(bucket) x2
Elfsblood Tower - The tower northwest of Sahrnia Camp
Loot: Chest x3, Rebuke of the Sunderland, Note

Emerald Graves

1 in building?


Fearful Villager's House
Amulet of Power (Main Character),Gold Bracelet, Chest

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