Val Royeaux

Main Quest

Region Acquired Reward

The Threat Remains

Haven ??


Side Quests

Region Acquired Reward

Friends of Red Jenny

Val Royeaux Main Level Sera can join the Inquisition

The Imperial Enchanter

Val Royeaux Main Level Vivienne can join the Inquisition

Of Somewhat Fallen Fortune

Val Royeaux South End Josephine's Quest

Hearldy from a Herald

Summer Bazaar Josephine talks about her family

An Unexpected Engagement

Val Royeaux Romance with Josephine


Val Royeaux Prison Information about Blackwall

The Magister's Birthright

Val Royeaux Merchants Dorian Romance Specific 

Under Her Skin

Val Royeaux Summer Bazzar Sided with Templar Quest


Requisition Quests


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