Quest Type War Table Operation
Location Skyhold - War Table
Power Cost 0
Time Cost ~240 mins
Requirements Rogue
Level 8+ Influence

End is a Mission in Dragon Age 3: Inquisition. You can initiate it via the War Table.


About End

End is a mission particular to the Assassin specialization of the Rogue class. The Inquisitor must be at least level 8 Influence to initiate this quest. 

  • Power & Time Cost: 0 Power, ~240 Min.

  • Notes: ??



 Operation Text


"There is a lady, sitting amidst the tattered splendor of her nobility. Her only legacy is an ancient name, high and esteemed. She may restore wealth and dignity to her line by marrying the man to whom she was promised at birth. He is prosperous and powerful, but leaves her cold. The lady sits by her casement and gazes at the soldier who truly has her heart. She prays to the Maker for deliverance. She prays for intervention, a sudden knife, and we hear her cry. How will the Maker's instrument strike? Will she strike? A knot for the Herald to unravel."

 - Heir







100-180 Gold



100-180 Gold



100-180 Gold




War Table Operations
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